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debiDebi Schoenfelt deborah@coriashomes.com

After using her degree in Microbiology as a Virologist for years, Debi Schoenfelt found her calling in Austin’s custom building industry when she and husband, Keith Schoenfelt, built their first home with their own sweat and blood with the deadline of the birth of their first child looming. Debi never returned to Virology, instead she embarked on her American dream with a passion for a quality product and happy client that would lead to a lifetime of referral business. When the petite mother of two is not playing with the big boys in Austin’s luxury custom home building market dressed in high heals with a Pomeranian under her arm, you can find her blissfully riding her road bike through the hill country. Debi maintains a quality over quantity business model both in regards to the product and customer relationships, and has even inspired other women to join her on her quest to build the best homes in Austin.

ariaAria Kilpatrick aria@coriashomes.com

Literally born into Austin’s real estate industry, Aria could not deny the calling of a lifetime’s knowledge and experience with the family business after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. With the support of Corias Homes, Inc., Aria remodeled her first home at age 20 and build her first custom home at age 24. She now works as a Real Estate Consultant using both her Texas real estate license and experience with the building and remodeling process to find the perfect options for each client, helping them to create their ultimate dream home through options in resales, remodeling, or new construction. By creating her own brokerage firm, Aria Realty, Inc., Aria has created a perfect one-stop-shop for even the most concerned client to feel welcomed and at ease in what can be a very intimidating process. Aria has expanded from historic central Austin restorations and remodels into residential and commercial building and development around the greater Austin area. When she is not scouring Austin for the best properties, Aria enjoys playing with her daughters and husband on their ranch southwest of Austin.

Keith Schoenfelt


One of Texas’ first Environmental Engineers brings decades of “thinking green” to the team.  Keith has been building homes, developing residential subdivisions, and designing wastewater systems in the Austin area for over 30 years.  His unique perspective brings practical, functional design ideas to the team ensuring that our beautiful homes will stand the test of time structurally and functionally.


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